Soak Up the Sun With Solar Energy

You can get your power from a utility solar farm in Woodbridge, VA

MSolar Industries, LLC aims to bring a full-scale solar farm to the Woodbridge, VA area. By investing, you can support your community and take a stance against pollution. Support clean energy by supporting solar farming.

Eventually, we hope to become an EB-5 Visa program sponsor. We want to help immigrants earn citizenship by investing in programs that benefit other citizens and residents of the area. Our solar farm is one such program. We'll provide jobs and opportunities for everyone.

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Why is solar energy so important in this day and age?

The world is running out of coal and oil, but it isn't running out of sunshine. Investing in renewable, clean energy gives the whole world a better chance for the future. Large solar farms can power thousands of homes and businesses without polluting the air and water the way power plants do.

It only takes five acres of solar panels to produce enough energy to power 650 homes for a day. Solar farms provide some of the cleanest, most sustainable and most renewable energy available.

Improve Woodbridge, VA by promoting the use of solar energy

Turning to solar energy helps any region or community prosper. You have a lot to look forward to once solar energy has been implemented. Thanks to solar farms and solar panels, you can expect:

More job opportunities

More affordable energy

Less smog and water pollution

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